About Me

Since 1991 I have been responsible for developing informal learning experiences within museums for children and young people, with a commitment to developing and involving target audiences in the development process. I am resourceful, creative, and use my initiative. I am an excellent team-worker with good communication skills, both verbally and written.

I have 17 years management experience in the development of exhibitions within science centres, discovery centres and national museums including: The Science Museum, London; the creation of a new experiential children’s learning facility (Discover, East London) from concept to reality; the new science centre, Explore@Bristol; Eureka! The Museum for Children, Halifax; educational outside play-spaces for two schools in collaboration with Creative Partnerships; exhibits especially tailored for a special needs school.

I have worked as a freelance consultant  since 2003 and have developed exhibition concepts for: Eureka! The Museum for Children, Halifax, UK; Exploration Station, Dublin; Sciencentre, Museum of Queensland, Australia; ScienceWorks, Museum of Victoria, Australia.

I believe that exhibition experiences should be supported and extended into our everyday lives. Supporting graphics and resources are crucial in ensuring positive engagement in exhibitions and experiences. I have carried out content development, educational and event programming,  and written content for graphics, educational materials and follow-up materials for a range of ages at: miniFROG at a music club BlueFROG, Mumbai, India; The Science Museum, London; Eureka! The Museum for Children; Explore@Bristol; The Children’s City Project, Syria; Discover, London; Sciencentre, Museum of Queensland, Australia.

My practical experience is supported intellectually and academically: I have a PhD (1999; University College London) for research which explores the process of developing hands-on educational exhibits for children; and I have a BA Hons in English and Theatre Studies (1989, Leeds University).

I have carried out research for Sheffield University; for NESTA at three UK museums and I have carried out evaluation of many different exhibitions for children. I was part of fact-finding tour of museums in Taiwan for the British Council.

I also have experience of training and presentations, such as Training at the National Science Center, Trinidad; presentations at conferences: MA conference, ACM conference; publications for professionals and publications for children.

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